Maike van Stiphout /NL + Fred Booy /NL

In 2024, as part of the lecture series titled KRA/JINÁ, foreign personalities in the field of landscape architecture will present in Prague. These individuals represent progressive and authorial approaches. The selected guests are not only designers but also strategists and visionaries in the development of landscapes and areas around cities. Their work aims to create compact designs that enhance the lives of local residents, as well as plants and animals, while preserving biodiversity. They are innovators capable of transforming places with consideration for future development. Visitors to seven inspiring evenings will have the opportunity to explore the best of the landscape architecture scene, from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, to the USA.

Maike van Stiphout + Fred Booy – DS Landscape Architects (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Maike van Stiphout is an experienced landscape architect with a rich background in architecture and spatial planning. Her designs are considerate of nature, aligning with sustainable development, cultural heritage, and employing a comprehensive planning approach. Together with Matthias Lehner, she co-founded the web platform, dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge through research, practice, and higher education. In 2019, their first book, the handbook “First Guide to Nature Inclusive Building,” was published. DS Landscape Architects from the Netherlands is an office specializing in landscape architecture, focusing on the research and design of public spaces and landscapes of various sizes. They create new landscapes for all living beings, not only for people but also for plants and animals. They are dedicated to biodiversity, its application, timeless design, and innovation.

Fred Booy specializes in plant cultivation, germination, and the cultivation of various species in his nursery. The cultivated plants are then used in collaboration with DS Landscape Architects. He focuses on three main pillars: biodiversity, species resilience, and innovation. The studio’s designs stabilize the landscape and are intended to withstand the test of time. Biodiversity is a key element of their designs, through which they protect the landscape. They also engage in public education, advising landowners and residents on how they can contribute to biodiversity.

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