Petr Tej /CZ + Eugen Brühwiler /CH

June lecture entitled Footbridges and Bridges will present the latest projects of progressive and subtle constructions by the architect and structural engineer Petr Tej. His projects are often created in collaboration with renowned Czech and foreign studios and also with visual artists. One of the last notable realizations is the footbridge Štvanice in Prague. The presentation will follow an online interview with Swiss professor Eugene Brühwiler.

Petr Tej /CZ

Petr Tej is an architect and structural engineer designing exclusively bridge and footbridge structures. He graduated from the School of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Emil Přikryl, the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University under Alena Šrámková and the Bridge Construction major at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University. He is the Head of the bridge constructions department at the Klokner Institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Together with his colleagues Jan Mourek and Oto Melter founded the studio Bridge Structures. Petr Tej is the author of several bridges and footbridges, from small spans to large projects of city-wide importance, including the footbridge over the Vltava River in Lužec nad Vltavou, the footbridge over the Dřetovice brook or the footbridge over the Lubina River in Příbor, which won numerous awards. He collaborates on his projects with renowned Czech and foreign studios. One of the last notable realizations is the footbridge Štvanice in Prague connecting Holešovice and Karlín, which he designed together with Marek Blank and Jan Mourek. It will also include sculptures by sculptors Jan Hendrych and Aleš Hvízdal.

Eugen Brühwiler /CH

Eugen Brühwiler is a Swiss structural engineer. He graduated from the renowned Faculty of Architecture at ETH Zurich. He received his doctoral degree at the Swiss Federal Institute EPFL in Lausanne, where he works as a professor. His academic and practical work focuses on modern methods of fatigue and safety evaluation of existing bridges. As a consulting engineer, he works on assessing and restoring bridges and buildings of high cultural value in Switzerland and even abroad. Together with Petr Tej and Marek Kopeć are the authors of the concept proposal for the use of the railway bridge under Vyšehrad.

The lecture will be in Czech and the online interview will be in English

CAMP Praha – Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2
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