Francois Vadepied + Mathieu Gontier, Wagon /FR + Zuzana Štemberová + Lucie Vogelová, Terra Florida /CZ

Landscape at hand scale

Wagon-Landscaping, founded by two landscape architects, François Vadepied and Mathieu Gontier, mainly works in France, Europe and Russia. Since 2010, the team has been completed with Estelle Ollivier, Camille Bourgeois, Madeleine Accarain, Léa Nourdin, Frédéric Jorel.

Wagon-Landscaping philosophy keeps a gardener attitude in practicing and designing landscapes to “keep right for an experiment, observe and adapt”, to imagine places easy to use and maintain, pleasant to live in everyday life. Wagon Landscaping finds out and develops its projects concepts in practicing and gardening landscape, observing plants and nature’s dynamics. Projects impose restrictions on materials movement and limit energy consumption emphasizing recycling and ecological dynamics.

In this way, minimalism could be the key word concerning the agency project.

Following agency examples, Mathieu Gontier and François Vadepied will present projects experiences which guide a possible way of developing landscape, taking care of the site and its constraints (climate, soils, uses, materials and available resources, etc.). Based on self made projects, and others experiences, they will emphasize how gardening attitude at ” all scales” of project may help to think of a possible future for the city, based on ecological and sustainable dimension.

During the upcoming lecture evening, we will also introduce the Czech landscape studio Terra Florida, founded in 1996 by Lucie Vogelová and Antonín Wagner. The studio approaches projects with respect and creativity, consistently delivering high-quality work. Landscape architects Zuzana Štemberová and Lucie Vogelová will showcase their project on transforming the former František Josef coal mine in Dubí. They will also present their work on converting brownfields into parks. Additionally, they will discuss their long-term project of the Railway Promenade and Linear Park in Vršovice and Strašnice.

The lecture will be in English.


Mathieu Gontier, landscape architect, is Wagon landscaping co-founder. He has an initial training in Arts and in Russian language. With this background he graduated as landscape architect in 2007, keeping this relationship between art and landscape. He retains from his initial training the use of drawing as a tool, for reflection and project. He is a teacher at the Versailles School of Landscape where he manages a landscape master, in Marseille. He is co-responsible for the development of the agency and project management.

François Vadepied, landscape architect, is Wagon landscaping co-founder. He obtained an initial diploma in geophysics and cartography at the IGN. In 2003, after fifteen years in the digital cartography field, he decided to radically change his work. He graduated as a landscape architect in 2007. In 2018, he became State landscape architect consultant in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department. He teaches at the National School of Landscape of Versailles and at Esaj, in Paris. He is co-responsible for the development of the agency and project management. He is particularly interested in the landscape project on questions relating to the quality of the spaces produced, plant dynamics and implementation frugality.

Founded in 1996 by Lucie Vogelová and Antonín Wagner, Terra Florida is an established landscape studio. The studio currently employs six landscape architects who are characterised by their respect, individual approach and constant innovation. Their work is renowned for its quality and care. The studio focuses on complex projects with an emphasis on sustainability and respect for the surrounding environment. In order to achieve success in their projects, the studio works closely with prominent partners and experts in various fields.

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